Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter projects

Traditionally, I've taken the winter off from my projects. I live in the northeast. It gets cold.

Damn cold.

I don't care for the cold.

In general, if something breaks during the cold season, I'll fix it. But, in the past, I've never been one to look for MORE work to occupy my time when it's freezing. When it's cold out, I prefer to stay inside, order a pizza, and let my feet NOT turn to ice cubes.

This all changed last winter. I refer you to the tale of the Volkswagen that tried to murder me:

I ended up working on that car all winter last year, outside, in the snow and ice. Granted, it was by necessity, not by choice. But, it showed me that keeping a project going in the winter isn't an insurmountable task. As such, I was originally planning to finish up the 220D this winter, but as you know, I had to sell it last month. Right now, the plan is to pick up another fixer-upper Subaru. Aside from rusty bolts, they're pretty easy to work on, and the extra car would come in handy.

But, until that happens, I've dusted off one of my reserve projects. Thankfully (?), I have so many little projects piled up that I always have something to keep me occupied. So, until another car needs my attention, I've started work on my Dahon folding bike rebuild:


Parts 1 and 2 from this past weekend:

This isn't a big project, and obviously won't take long. But, it's something to keep me busy in the immediate future.

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