Sunday, September 8, 2013

Parts car gradually changes from car... to parts

So, I don't really have the space or the budget to simply let the parts car sit around. As such, I can't simply pick at the 1979 240D parts car as needed. I'm low on parking, so I need to disassemble the car and junk the shell.

I spent last weekend (and the one before) pulling the engine and transmission. As the parts car has a new clutch (or so said the seller), the whole assembly will be going into the 1983 project.

Last weekend, I also got the driveshaft and differential out. I'm stripping as much as I can from the car, and will be getting rid of the excess on Craigslist and eBay. With any luck, I should be able to cover a good portion of the cost of the project this way.

This weekend, I started at the rear of the car and began gutting it. I got the fuel tank out, and flushed it with vinegar. I still need to power wash the inside, but it's basically ready for transplant into the 1983

After that, I cleaned up and painted the rusty airbox, then started de-trimming the car. That's almost done. I also removed the nearly spotless front fenders for use on the 1983 and removed all the exterior lights.

I have more to do, but there isn't too much car left. Once it's picked over, I'll junk the shell and start in on the 1983 project again.