Monday, July 6, 2015

Long delayed update on the Mercedes project

Apologies to anyone who has been reading along. I have been working on the car, and have kept the Youtube channel up to date, but the blog is almost five months behind.

After my last update, I finished installing all the car's trim, aside from the front end trim (waiting until I have the front end/engine work done.

After that, I pulled the driveshaft (which was challenging on its own) and did a complete rear suspension refresh (new shocks, new trailing arm bushings, new rear subframe mounts). Here are some highlights:

So, I'm deep into mechanical repairs. Now that the rear end is done and the driveshaft is out, I'm in the process of pulling the transmission so that I can replace the clutch:

At this point, I'm literally a few bolts away from having the transmission out of the car. Once it's out, the new clutch and associated components go in, at which point, I can reinstall the driveshaft and everything else under the car.