Sunday, April 14, 2013

Starting to patch up the Mercedes' floor

Well, with the Outback all taken care of and the garage cleaned out, it's finally time for me to get to patching the Mercedes floor. First, I had to wake the car up. I charged the battery last week (strictly as a precautionary measure), so I hooked it up, and the car started on the first bump of the key.

I backed it out into the sunlight for the first time in 2013. The name of the game this weekend was patchwork, so I started by making straighter cuts in the floor:

Once I had the holes cut, I made some templates and started cutting patches out of my donor panels. First victim, a dented door from a Jeep Cherokee - given to me by a co-worker when I helped him bolt on some straighter doors.

Once I had the first patch cut, I fitted it (roughly) with a few pop rivets...

...and then started welding.

I worked through the weekend, and have the passenger side of the floor almost 2/3 of the way patched up now.

Hopefully, by the end of next weekend, I'll have the floor patched up, and will then move on to make the rest of the repairs to the rocker panel and wheel wells on the passenger side of the car. It's nice to see those holes finally starting to close up.


  1. Great to see you survived the winter. When I was looking at your garage before clean up it looked just like mine, except for the MB of course. Please take a safety moment from my experience. Your garage door springs are not protected in the event of failure. I recommend placing a cable through the middle of the springs, secured at both ends. The cable will protect you or the project from damage when the spring fails.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I like the idea, but just can't picture it. Any chance you can find a link to a picture or article online? Years ago one of the garage door tracks came loose and I had to fix that, but never the spring.

    2. I can tell you from eye-witness testimony, it is pretty scary. fortunately in my case nobody was in front of the garage when the spring snapped loose and broke!