Monday, October 22, 2012

Yet more cleaning...

I got to "work" on the car a bit this past weekend. I started by bleeding the air out of the brake lines I fixed last week. I used my vacuum bleeder bottle and got the air out of the lines in no time. I tell you, one of the things I love about working on these old Mercedes is that bolts are rarely seized (unlike when I work on my Subaru). The rear brake bleeder screws you ask? - they came loose instantly, allowing for quick, trouble-free bleeding. :)

When I bought the car, this label was on the door:


Going... gone:

Once that was done, I started cleaning the underside of the floors. It was cold, wet, filthy work, but has been yielding good results.



I'm doing this mostly so I can uncover rust I need to take care of, and that so when I'm done, I can throw some fresh undercoating over the whole (clean) floor.

I got the passenger side of the floor clean, and will tackle the driver's side next weekend. Once that's done, I clean the trunk and the interior. The car already smells MUCH better without all this rancid old crud on it. I greatly look forward to the day I have the new interior in and can drive it.

Keep in mind that all this cleaning is being done with scrub brushes, bottles of degreaser, and a garden hose.


  1. Well you can certainly see the difference underneath the car. looks like the axle and shock spring are pretty rusted. I know you said you're gonna replace the axles, I guess the shock spring you can probably repaint depending on the condition of it.

  2. I'm undecided on my approach as of yet. Still a lot more to do before I get to the springs.