Monday, August 19, 2013

Big things are here

Remember how I told you in my last blog post that big things were coming? Well, big things are here.

Sorry to go AWOL for almost a month. I put the last blog post up JUST before Mrs. MDG and I took to the road for our summer vacation. We drove south, covering most of the east coast, for a week at Disney World. I even made a road trip video for y'all:

But, that's not the big news. Just before I left, I made a deal. I bought... something. When I got back from vacation, I picked up... a one-owner 1979 Mercedes-Benz 240D parts car. It had been parked on the edge of the woods since 2000, and looked the part.

The tires were hopelessly rotted:

Moss and lichens were growing on the passenger side:

So, I had it towed home... and got it to start for the first time in 13 years:

Once that was done, I cleaned it up a bit (so I wouldn't get sick taking the car apart). I ASSURE you this IS the same car:

I'm going to start dismantling the car shortly. Some parts will go to the 1983 240D. A great many will be sold.


  1. is the dash cracked over by the passenger side?

    1. Yeah, but it's not nearly so bad as the 1983. I just sold the leather seats today (will be using the interior from the parts car). I may also use this dashboard and sell the nearly mint one I have. There's a lot of excellent parts on the 1979. Much to use on the 1983 and much to send to eBay.

    2. oh man, I would've used the leather and the mint dash. But I guess if it's still in OK condition it should look pretty decent on the car.