Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February update on the Mercedes

It doesn't feel like a month since my last update, but apparently it is. I've gotten more work done on the car, but not as much as I would have liked. Shortly after my last post, we started getting slammed with more snow than I've ever seen. Over the past month, this has turned into the worst winter I've ever seen. The frigid temperatures and the need to shovel snow have kept me busy. I've been in the garage, just not as much.

I did finish polishing out the paint. Although it's far from perfect, it turned out a lot better than I thought I'd be able to do on my own. I'm very happy with it. Once I was done with the paint job, I began installing exterior trim. Overall, the process has been moving along pretty quickly, aside from cleaning the trim pieces before installation.

As of now, I have both the driver and passenger side exterior trim installed. I still need to finish up the rear and front of the car, but once the trim is all installed, the cosmetic part of the project is done.


  1. The paint looks flawless in the photos. As a side note, photos of the snow that has kept you from the project should be captured and posted.
    Thanks for keeping up the post with your progress.

  2. Good site. Great pics.

  3. 98 v70 non turbo. Did you have the p0455 code large or sm evap leak? If so how did you fix it what part caused it. I'm going on my 6th yr with that code still on. 3 mechanics all swear they fixed it? April is emissions month for tags

    1. We have a 98 V70 and 98 S70 (both non-turbo). I don't recall what the code(s) is/are, but the check engine light is permanently on on both cars for evap codes. And no, I can't track it down either. My cars are old enough to pass inspection in my state, and as far as I'm concerned, I've done my due diligence on this.