Sunday, June 17, 2012

The projects continue... and multiply

As of my last post, I had just gotten my daily driver Legacy back on the road after a cylinder head replacement. All went well there, and the car has been back in daily service, seeing around 90 miles per day since then.

So, now that I had transportation again, I decided to get back to working on the Vanagon again. I spent the next few weekends working on it, starting with installing the flywheel on the new engine. Eventually, I got the engine bolted into place and installed.

Finally, last weekend, I got the engine to start, albeit briefly. It doesn't seem to be getting fuel, so I suspect that either the fuel pump went bad from sitting dry for six months (I drained the gas tank when I put the van into storage), or there's a blockage somewhere. I need to do further diagnosis.

But, here's a video of it starting on starting fluid (sounds pretty good for an engine that sat for at least a year and a half):

I would have done more diagnostics this weekend, but I was busy with something else... As you may remember from previous posts, I've been looking for a new car for my wife for quite some time now. I finally found it, and it's something familiar:

No, you're not looking at my 1995 Legacy. This is my wife's... 1995 Legacy. Actually, the only difference between the cars is that hers has an automatic transmission, fewer miles on it (115,000), and has a working air conditioner. I didn't buy the same exact car on purpose. It was just the first decent 2.2L Legacy I've seen in my price range in a while. I've been buying tune-up and repair parts all week and will be working on this car shortly. Once it's done, I'll be selling the 320,000 mile green Impreza.

Here's some video of the Legacy. Enjoy:


  1. I know you've already gone through the process of removing the seats and cleaning the car, but I wanted to suggest that you could use a machine called the big green bissell deep cleaner. I've always had the best success with bissell products and you can rent it at your local hardware store for like $24/day that is if you're looking to do a better job on removing the soiled spots.

    Here's the website that will locate the machine should you decide to do this:

    1. Maybe next project. Thanks for the tip, though.